Welcome to the SPBA archives. The goal is to provide accurate information on the bands of Saskatchewan past and present, and as you can imagine, the project just keeps growing! The SPBA is indebted to the many individuals near and far who have contributed photos and other items. If we have failed to credit you, please let us know!

The archive has been set up to highlight each band individually. We are still in search of photos of some bands from the past, includiing The St. Andrews Pipe Band of Weyburn, the Swift Current Green Braes, The Prince Albert Girls Pipe Band and many others. Please get in touch if you have photos or other information that would add to the collection.

We have marked items below with additons so that it's easier to come back and find added material!

Band Archives

This article appeared in the Piping Times in 1969.
[Image courtesy: The Piping Times]
These are the original bylaws of the SPBA, ratified at the AGM in October 1969.
Click on the image to download the PDF of the entire document. (156 K)

"The Bandsman"

The Bandsman was the newsletter of the original "Prairie Pipe Band Association" and there were many issues over the years, many of them prepared by Jim McWilliams of Moose Jaw. This was the first ever edition of the newsletter. Thanks to Don McDonald, Saskatoon, for sending it along.

Another Piping Times article. The small piper facing straight into the camera is
Graham Neill, then a member of the Fraser Pipe Band, and later P/M of the Edmonton Caledonia Pipe Band.
[Images courtesy: The Piping Times]

LeaderPost clipping about 1977 Saskatchewan Championships

The first championship in modern days was held in 1975 to determine a representative
for the Canadian Pipe Band Championships in Ottawa, and starting in 1976
the event was organized and managed as The Regina Highland Festival
by the Wa Wa Shrine Pipes & Drums. The contest used to be held early in September.
That event dropped off, and for many years the Championships were part of the Saskatoon Highland Games
on the May Long weekend. Currently, championship points are determined by an aggregate
of all snactioned games during the season.

The 16/22 Saskatchewan Horse Regiment The 96th Highlanders
[Saskatoon, WWI]
The 46th Battalion, CEF
[Moose Jaw, WWI]
The Saskatoon Boys
The Sprigs o' Heather
Girls Pipe Band

[Moose Jaw]
The Signals Pipe Band [Regina]
The 10th Field Regiment RCA [Regina]
The St. Andrews Society
[Moose Jaw]
The White Hackle
The Saskatoon Light Infantry
North Saskatchewan Regiment
2nd NSR [Kindersley]
The Bonnie Bluebells
The Nellie Small Kilted Band
Saskatoon [1930s]
The Regina Boys' Pipe Band
The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band
The Fraser Pipe Band
The Saskatoon Police
The Clansmen
[late 1970s]
The Clan Scotia
Victoria Park Pipe Band
Strathfleet Pipe Band
Saskatoon [1980s]
The Regina Scottish
Pipe Band
The City of Regina Pipe Band
The Weyburn St. Andrews
Pipe Band
The Weyburn Legion
Article on SK female pipers in the CWAC Pipe Band, 1940s
The Wa Wa Shrine Pipes & Drums
Pipers & Drummers
Summer Schools at Fort San

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