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Learn to Play Bagpipes or Drums!

Saskatchewan Pipe Bands: Teaching Pipes and Drums!!

2005 RCMP 01Pipe Bands in Saskatchewan—A Proud History
Early settlers brought piping and Scottish cultural traditions to many communities in Saskatchewan, and local pipe bands are carrying on those traditions today. 

The Highland bagpipes were heard at weddings, funerals, dances and parades across Saskatchewan in the early years, and then during World War I many of our Saskatchewan Regiments had pipe bands and pipers who inspired, consoled and entertained our soldiers. The South Saskatchewan Regiment, the 96th Highlanders, and the South Saskatchewan Light Horse all had great pipe bands.

Registration for new pipe band beginners is now! Contact your local pipe band or check into these two programs in Saskatoon and Regina:


• 96th Highlanders, Saskatoon (web link)

• Conservatory Pipe Band (web link)
(Conservatory of Performing Arts, University of Regina) 

Wednesdays, September-June,   7:00pm
College Avenue Campus, Regina 
Contact: Conservatory Office  306-585-5830

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