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Andrew McAnsh


Andy.McAnsh2 Andy McAnsh came to Canada with his family after World War II. He was an experienced piper, and once here he spent many years instructing young pipers in the 10th Signals Pipe Band, the Regina Boys & Girls Pipe Band, and the Springs of Heather Pipe Band. For many years, Andy was the administrator of the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts at Fort San, and he played a leading role in many activites related to pipe bands, including the Prairie Pipe Band Association.

Andy was shop teacher at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate in Regina, and he passed away suddenly in 1978. His bagpipe is on  loan to the Conservatory Pipe Band in Regina.

Click here for large photo of Andy piping.

Click for  photo of the plate on Andy's pipes.

[Photos courtesy Jean Chose, Andy's daughter]