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Victoria Park Pipe Band

In December of 1976, a group of players who had left their junior bands or were dissatisfied with where they were playing, met at the Union Hall in Moose Jaw to form a high-level competition band that they felt was needed in Saskatchewan. Because there was quite an array of players from all over the province, they wanted to give the band a name that portrayed a common thing in each community. It was decided that since every community had a parked named Victoria Park, the band would be aptly title: The Victoria Park Pipe Band.


The first elected P/M of the band was Doug Lutz from Regina and the first elected P/S was Barry Robinson, Bruce Lutz was the first elected D/S. The band was graded Grade 1 by the Praire Pipe Band Association and they played at their first contest five months later.


From 1976-1982, the band was successful in competition but they weren't dominating. They won the Moose Jaw Highland Games every year and also travelled to the Selkirk Highland Games in Manitoba, however, they were really only successful there in 1978 when they won everything available. Victoria Park travelled to Alberta quite often and usually placed very well. During these early years, no major trips were taken by the band.


Because Victoria Park was a newly formed band, they had no uniforms - everyone had their own equipment and uniform. The band did purchase two sets of matched chanters (first Tuck, then Kintail) and a set of Premier snare drums. However, in essence the band had no bank account. To purchase the equipment mentioned, all members chipped in to augment the money won in prizes because there was no sponsor. For band trips, individuals picked up all expenses.


Unfortunately in 1981, there was a meeting held in Saskatoon to decide who was going to be the new Pipe Major. The current P/M, Barry Robinson, announced that he did not wish to serve another term as P/M. There were several people in the band who could have done the job, but no one was interested. As a result, the band folded for a while.


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[L-R] Graham Neill, Craig Waigh, Tim Coffey, Jamie Gattinger, Tim Boan, Darren Chow, Bruce Lutz, Michelle Carline, Rob Waugh, Jim Briggs, Pat Kindrat, Roland Reid, Mark Mackie, Trewin Somers. 

[Photo: Lorraine Mortensen]


Victoria Park Pipe Band - Canmore Games 1999
Photo: Sharon Schmidt

 Tim Coffey (r) helps Fiona Francis with her pipes.

Marching in a parade in Billings, MT.

[Bands L-R] Saskatoon Police, Estevan PPCLI, Regina Police Service, Victoria Park, City of Regina

Performing in the ANAVets Hall in Regina.
Marching off: Regina Highland Games
Regina Highland Games
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