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The Killiecrankie Project



This is a unique year for the Sound Advice which is entirely online as a result of the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. To celebrate the success of the school we have the Killicrankie Project, where students are invited to submit their images and videos to contribute to this compilation project. There are over 95 students at Sound Advice this year and this will be our way to come together to celebrate our connectedness through music and dance.

Here is a sound file of the tune on practice chanter and pipes. It is 92 beats per minute and the pipes are at 481. This sound file will form the basis of the end product which is a video that will be shared on social media within one week of the school ending. Tune your pipes and chanter to match, and then play along with the recording using an earphone in one ear so you can hear the clik-track.

Killicrankie is in the Sound Advice music package. The concept is that everyone who wishes to participate can send a video playing or dancing to the tune to soundadviceKP@gmail.com by Friday July 3rd at 4 pm Saskatchewan time. By sending a video you are consenting to have your image and video become part of the project. We hope that everyone will take part! We will try to incorporate sound files into the end video, but it will depend on the quality of the sound and the ability for us to put it together within one week of the school being finished. Seeing your smiling faces will be so important! Please try to think about the lighting and have your cameras high up and horizontal if you are using a phone to record.

Played on Practice Chanter | Played on Pipes | Drums see Reid Maxwell's Package

Played on A Smallpipes | A smallpipes & Guitar

It also would be great for the instructors to be able to send video clips from the zoom classes to add to the images in the end product. If you do not wish to have your image used in this project, you will need to send an email to soundadviceKP@gmail.com to opt out. This email needs to be sent prior to the school starting on June 29, 2020 so the instructors are aware prior to recording any part of the zoom session. Only send an email if you do not wish to have your image be included in the project.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Barbara and Duncan MacDonald