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Information for Sound Advice Beginner Program

Thanks for registering for Sound Advice!

Each year, we do our best to give a new group of kids a fun experience at piping/drumming camp. They will learn a little about piping, drumming and pipe bands, meet and interact with other kids who play already, and also have the chance to get first lessons from really accomplished players and teachers.

Your primary contact at the school will be Eilidh MacDonald. Eilidh will meet you the first morning (Monday, July 1st at 9 a.m.) to meet you and the students. You will be able to contact Eilidh via cell at 306-450-4331 if there is any difficulty getting back to collect your child at 11:30 each day.

***Please provide us with a signed waiver [DOWNLOAD] that includes an active cell or other phone where you can be reached.***

LOCATION: Classes take place in the Education Building, University of Regina. The best parking this year may be in the Luther College/old gym lot, and then walk through. Please bring students each morning to ED193. We start the day together in one room, and feel free to sit in with your child if you'd like. You can see a campus map here:

NOTE: There are road closures for construction happening in July. Please see THIS MAP which shows how you can get to the Education Building.

WHAT TO BRING: Students should wear casual, comfortable clothes. Please have them bring a water bottle, sunscreen, a hat (they will go outside into the "bowl" area), a pencil/pen and some paper, or a notebook/pad.

INSTRUMENTS: we will have loaner chanters, sticks and pads for students to use during the school. If students take instruments home, they will be responsible for any loss/breakage. (They are VERY hard to break!) If students would like to purchase an instrument after the school, we can arrange that

THE PROGRAM GOAL: We want more kids to experience the lifetime of fun, friends and achievement that can come with piping and drumming at all levels of ability. During the camp, we really want to get kids enthused about playing pipes/drums, and also have some fun while we're there.

If you have any questions or concerns before the school, or during the school, please get in touch.

EVENING RECITALS: Tuesday and Wednesday evening we have an hour of performance each night from our world-class, awarding-winning instructors, and we take a collection each night. The collection is used to create scholarships for next year's school!

THURSDAY PERFORMANCES: We always involve the Beginners in our student performances on Thursday night in the Education AAuditorium, URegina Admission is $5 for adults and 12&under free. We really hope you come to hear the music, support the school (bring friends!) and get your child's piping/drumming off to a great start.


Iain MacDonald