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The Bandsman

The SPBA was originally a branch of the "Prairie Pipe Band Association," which covered Saskatchewan, Manitoba and (sometimes) Alberta. Jim McWilliams took on the task of editing and distributing a Newsletter for members and bands, and they were a welcome addition to the scene. Jim's sense of humour was sometimes reflected in Letters to the Editor from the mysterious "Eldon W. Nerfell," who seemed to have some unusual ideas about how things should be done.
The Bandsman - January 1971 [pdf]
The Bandsman - Fall 1974 [pdf]
 PPBA Newsletter, 1983 [pdf]
Bylaws and Other PPBA/SPBA docs
Original 1969 Bylaws
"Pipe Bands Organize" - clipping from Piping Times, 1969

"Care and Maintenance of the Bagpipes"
This was written by Andy McAnsh for students at the Fort San summer camp in the late 1970s. No mention of synthetic bags, plastic reeds, tuners...

Event Programs & Clippings

Fort San Concert - 1971
Fort San Concert - 1987

Sask Championships - 1981  

- Clippings from Yorkton news 1 | 2 | 3

A Legislative Controversy - Neil Sutherland not allowed to play at opening of February 1932 Sask Legislature. Clippings from Regina Leader. Feb 5 | Feb 6 | Feb 8 | Feb 8
Sask Junior Championships - Indoor Contest in Moose Jaw reported in the Piping Times.

LeaderPost clipping about 1977 Saskatchewan Championships

The first championship in modern days was held in 1975 to determine a representative  for the Canadian Pipe Band Championships in Ottawa, and starting in 1976  the event was organized and managed as The Regina Highland Festival by the Wa Wa Shrine Pipes & Drums. The contest used to be held early in September.

That event dropped off, and for many years the Championships were part of the Saskatoon Highland Games on the May Long weekend. Currently, championship points are determined by an aggregate of all sanctioned games during the season.

Items from Pipe Bands
Canadian Women's Army Corps article
10th Field Regiment, R.C.A. - trip itinerary
10th Field Regiment, R.C.A. - retreat ceremony
Fraser Pipe Band - various clippings 60s/70s
16/22 Horse Regiment - there are some lovely, handwritten letters from Jock Chalmers and Roderick McMillan describing the history and membership of the band, and also with Jock's observations about piping in Scotland and Canada.
Kindersley Pipe Band History - written by Stuart Kolbinson
Early Regina Pipe Band History, by J.A. MacKay