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School Fees & Course Descriptions

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Full Tuition - Piping & Drumming • $190
You will receive two one-hour classes each morning, and then will select from one of the one-hour workshop options in the afternoon. As well, you are able to indicate whether you’d like to have a 20 to 30-minute private lesson as part of the schedule. We’ll do our best to schedule everyone who requests, but it will be first-come, first-served on registration. Also, we can accommodate pairs or small groups who would like to book one of the spots. We'll have a schedule up shortly.

Pipers will be assigned to lesson times for a 30-minute solo lesson, and/or one of the other piping classes available. We’re going to have some great options available, including piobaireachd from the amazing staff.

Drummers should have the opportunity for smaller groups and solo instruction in the afternoon time slots. You are also welcome to take other afternoon courses as part of your full tuition.

Chanter or Drum Pad • $75
Five one-hour sessions covering basic technique and some beginner tunes/scores.

Smallpipes Only • $75
Three one-hour sessions with Ryan MacDonald, whose piping expertise includes professional level solos, Grade 1 pipe bands, and traditional, Cape Breton and Scottish styled smallpipes playing. Ryan is a brilliant teacher and performer, with a deep well of knowledge. SMALLPIPES NOT REQUIRED! This is about learning styles and tunes, and while it would be great if you have smallpipes, you won't HAVE to own a set to get started on the music.

Afternoon Workshops Only • $100 (free with full registration)
We are going to have 2 or 3 options available each day, with lots of piobaireachd sessions, tuning and tone, band work, a McCallum Bagpipes factory tour and Q&A, learning about different pipes (Smallpipes, reelpipes, uilleann), whistles, and more topics TBA. We’ll have a complete list ready in the next weeks, and you’ll be able to just select the class you’d like each day and check it out!

All fees are payable in full at time of registration. 





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