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Thanks for registering for the summer school. We are working to provide you with an excellent learning experience, and we look forward to seeing you all at the school. Please review this document carefully, so that you are informed about important events and things you’ll need for the school.

Getting to the School

Sound Advice is located at the University of Regina, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, [on south east side of Regina].

 Health Forms and Waivers

All students must complete a waiver and health form before the start of the school. There is a form for ADULTS [19 & over] and one for MINORS [Under 19]. Please choose the appropriate form, and have it filled out completely when you arrive at the school on the 1st. Students who do not have their form filled out cannot be accepted into the dorms or the school. The information you provide is kept at the school in case of emergency for the duration of the camp, and then later destroyed.

Choose the form you need to download.



WAIVER FOR BEGINNER PROGRAM (Morning-only program)

What Should I Bring to the School?

Bring your practice instruments (chanters, sticks, pads, solo and band music) and your bagpipes, drums, and also any other bagpipes or drums that you like to play (smallpipes, shuttle pipes, bodhrans, etc.) Bring a recording device if you want, and the usual kinds of supplies that you would use for taking notes. Bring a piobaireachd book if you have one. Are you a dancer? Bring your shoes!

Bagpipe/Drum Supplies

We often find that students come with pipes & drums that need some TLC, and we’ll have supplies on hand to purchase for those who need hemp, reeds, valves and other supplies.  If you would like to pre-order any maintenance supplies or parts, please visit and send an email with your order to and we’ll try to have your order ready for you for the school.

There may be an opportunity to purchase supplies at the school, including chanters, drumsticks, pads, books, etc.

What to Wear?

Dress is casual at the summer school, and if you want, Highland dress is appropriate [but not necessary] for the Thursday student ceilidh. Sunscreen and bug spray are a good idea. There usually aren't too many mosquitoes, but the sun is hot so sunscreen is a must.

Things you might want to know...

This document was prepared by a parent who brought a student to Sound Advice, and might be a helpful resource if it's your first time coming to the school! 



Registration begins shortly after 12:30 pm, and will be located in the main hallway of the Wakpā Tower, University of Regina. You can use Visitor Parking in Parking Lots 3, 13 or 15 to access the South Tower [Wakpā]. Please see the campus map, which is also on the web site. 

Please bring your completed health forms and waivers to registration, and well as any outstanding fees (cash, cheque made out to "Sask Pipe Band Association")

If you want to pre-pay outstanding fees in advance, use this link:

Deduct deposit from total, add 3% fee and submit.

Finding your Way on Campus

Once you know where you are staying on campus, Sound Advice classes and activities are located in a couple of areas, and this is a change from previous years. We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the maps, and locate your classrooms when you get the schedule in your physical package. We have marked up a campus map to make it easier to find.

If you are bringing students to the camp each day, the best entrance might be the SOUTH entrance of the Education Building, which is the closest entrance to the morning assembly in ED 191.

 Campus Map

Parking on Campus

If you plan to bring a vehicle to Sound Advice, you are required to pay parking daily or purchase a weekly pass, which is cheaper.

Each attendee will be receiving an email from U of R parking services with instructions on setting up a parking pass. If you do not need a ay pass please disregard. Note that the U of R parking office is quite diligent in patrolling the parking lots and meter stalls and tickets are expensive. 

Evening Recitals

Monday evening is going to be a wide okpen musical session with a trivia element. Bring your smallpipes, fiddles, bodhrans, dance shoes!

Tuesday and Wednesday evening at the school there will a recital/presentation in Room ED 191 for all students, friends family and others interested in hearing some of our amazing instructors. We will have a collection each night (students are free) for visitors at the recitals, and the cash goes toward student scholarships for next year's school. 


Thursday Night Performances

Thursday night we will have student performances. The evening features student and group performances, awards, and impromptu piping, drumming and dancing. We'll have a cash collection going toward student scholarships. The performances will be held at the University, in the Education Auditorium. There is parkiung at the south end of the Education Building.


Friday Morning

A number of our instructors have weekend commitments in other parts of North America & Scotland with their respective bands, and some will be leaving the school Friday morning to make their flights. We usually finish the school with some massed band tunes mid-morning, and students are to be checked out, keys returned before noon.

School Rules & Regs

The “rules” you need are pretty basic. The main goal of the school is to provide the maximum learning and enjoyment for all students, and a great teaching experience for the staff. Therefore, school ”rules” are all about operating in an environment of respect for others.

  1. If you are a minor [under 19], you are required to attend all classes. You must stay on the University of Regina campus at all times, and you must seek permission and have an adult accompanying you to leave the campus.
  2. “Quiet time” in the dorms is 11:00 pm. Minors are expected to be in the dorms after evening classes/activities, and “Lights out” is recommended before midnight. There are adult dorm chaperones assigned to monitor the students while on campus.
  3. University of Regina regulations require no smoking in any buildings. There are designated smoking spots on campus. Minors MUST have a letter of permission from parent/guardian for smoking at the school.
  4. Disruptive or disrespectful behaviour in the dormitories or during class will not be tolerated, and students will be asked to leave the school, with no refund of fees or travel costs.
  5. Students under age 19 and staying in residence may NOT bring a vehicle to Sound Advice. Other Sound Advice students may not ride in a vehicle at the school without the express written permission of their parent/guardian.

Group Behavioral Agreement  (University of Regina)

This behavioral agreement is between University of Regina Residence Services and the “Group” (as identified below).  It remains in effect for the duration of the Group’s stay in Residence at the University of Regina.

The Group agrees to adhere to and act in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. Group members may not have any guests in the suites/bedrooms that are not listed as members of the group.
  2. There will be no alcohol in any rooms with minors.
  3. Group members may not loan keys/keycards out to anyone under any circumstances (including other guests of the same group).
  4. If members of the Group are under the legal age of 18 then an Adult that is with the Group MUST stay in the same apartment as a Chaperone.
  5. Excessive noise levels (disturbances, talking, music and TV) will not be tolerated.  There are students and other Group guests that stay in Residence.  Noise complaints will be investigated and will result in fines.
  6. Vandalism and/or damage to any Residence and/or University space is prohibited and will result in a minimum $50 fine and the amount to recover repair costs (as determined by Facilities Management).
  7. Each suite occupant will be levied an equal collective financial responsibility for any damage caused to common areas and furniture of the suite; provided that those directly responsible do not claim full responsibility.
  8. Suite occupants will be held responsible for any missing University property (i.e. pillows, towels, etc.) or damage to the individual bedroom rooms and furnishings.  Total repair cost for damages and missing University property will be billed to the individual occupant responsible.
  9. Tampering with Fire Equipment (including smoke detectors) will result in a minimum $100 fine.  If the Regina Fire Department is required to attend, there will be a minimum $500 fine.
  10. Candles, incense, and smoking are strictly prohibited in Residence and will result in a minimum $300 fine.
  11. Any instances of the following behavior will result in immediate eviction
    1. Physical assault
    2. Harassment, coercion, or intimidation
    3. Possession or use of any illegal drugs
    4. Possession or use of alcohol by minors (19 is legal age in Saskatchewan)
  12. Any adults found supplying minors with alcohol will be fined $1000 per incident and asked to leave the University of Regina Residence.
  13. Rooms are to be left in a relatively clean state (with all garbage bagged) or extra cleaning fees charged at a rate of $50.00 per hour of cleaning required will be charged.
  14. Residence room keys not returned within 24 hours after check out will be charged to the Group invoice at a rate of $25.00 per metal bedroom key, $10.00 per plastic key card and $100 per lock mechanism replacement.  A list of the missing keys and the corresponding charges will be included on the billing summary.

If the Residence Office or any University personnel determine that you have breached any of the listed requirements, you will face penalties, including but not limited to, fines, eviction, and the recommendation for further University action.