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SPBA Volunteer Recognition

Several members have brought forward the need for a volunteer recognition program within the SPBA. In part, this came out of the work that has been ongoing on the SPBA web site archives. We have been very fortunate in Saskatchewan to have hard-working and dedicated band members, teachers, and parent and community volunteers.

The Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association has set out to acknowledge those who have helped build, maintain and sustain the pipe bands in Saskatchewan. This program will recognize volunteers in various categories, and it seeks to make it a real celebration of the people who have made Saskatchewan pipe bands an important part of our province’s musical heritage.

What follows are guidelines for SPBA members who wish to honour volunteers. At some point in the future, we hope to establish an annual or semi-annual event at which we will recognize our important musicians, teachers, and volunteers, as well as build understanding and community among Saskatchewan pipe bands.


Gordon Findlater
The late Gordon Findlater was named our first recipient in 2007. More information to come.


Donald Felstrom 
The late Donald Felstrom was named in 2011, and a presentation was made to him at the Regina Highland Games that year, along with his life-long piping friend, Don McDonald.


Donald McDonald 
Don McDonald was named in 2011, along with his life-long piping buddie, Don Felstrom. A presentation was made to them at the Regina Highland Games.


Sharon Schmidt 
Sharon Schmidt was named in 2013. Sharon had three children involved in piping and drumming for many years, and was President of the Fraser Pipe Band, raising tremendous amounts of money to take the band to Scotland several times. She has been the President of the Regina Highland Festival Association for many years, and has been responsible for maintaining Highland Games in Regina and Moose Jaw, and is a tireless volunteer for the Games, the City of Regina Pipe Band, the Sons of Scotland and the Sound Advice Summer School.


Iain MacDonald
Iain MacDonald was named in 2015 in both the Musician and Teacher categories.





Nomination forms


Categories for Nominations

This category is for musicians who have achieved high levels of performance in pipe bands, solo piping, or drumming. These musicians will have achieved performance levels that would be recognized at a national or international level. This would not include players at the amateur levels, or without significant competition experience.


Many devoted teachers of piping and drumming have spent years developing band programs, and working with children and adults in educational settings. Many of the Province’s long-standing bands, and our best performers, are the result of dedicated teachers of piping and drumming.


Community Service
Many Saskatchewan pipers and drummers have performed important community service by performing in public ceremonies over many years. This category would honour pipers and drummers who have devoted significant amounts of time to performing in public, organizing public performances and demonstrations, and supporting community events with their music.


This category will recognize those people who are not pipers or drummers, and yet whose commitment to pipe bands in Saskatchewan has been substantial. This would include long-serving band executive or SPBA Board members, or other volunteers whose long-term commitment to pipe bands has made an outstanding contribution to pipe bands in Saskatchewan.

All of these categories may be awarded posthumously, or to a non-resident of Saskatchewan whose years of service happened while they lived in this Province. SAB FINAL LOGO CMYK 500 saskculturelogoc SKLotteries logo HOR 500