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Pipe Bands

We have tried to locate as much information about Saskatchewan pipe bands as we can. Many people have kindly sent photos, clippings and other items for us to scan and use, and the SPBA is very grateful for this assistance. Do you have old piping/drumming photos, programs or other items in your house that should be part of the collective memory of piping in Saskatchewan? Be sure to contact the SPBA.


Early 1900s

Some of these bands were formed specifically for World War I, and some were community bands. Some bands had their start in the early years, and continued through subsequent eras.
The 96th Highlanders 
[Saskatoon, WWI]
The 46th Battalion, CEF
[Moose Jaw, WWI]
The Melfort Pipe Band
[Formed by P-M Neil Sutherland, 1930s]
The Nellie Small Kilted Band 
Saskatoon [1930s]
The Saskatoon Caledonian Pipe Band
The Prince Albert Pipe Band
The Regina Boys' Pipe Band
The Prince Albert Girls' Pipe Band

World War II Era

The 16/22 Saskatchewan Horse Regiment
[World War II]
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Boy's Pipe Band
The 12th District Signals Pipe Band [Regina]
Early Regina pipe band history.
The Saskatoon Light Infantry
North Saskatchewan Regiment
2nd NSR [Kindersley]
Article on SK female pipers in the CWAC Pipe Band, 1940s

1950s and 1960s

Following WWII, many new immigrants came to Saskatchewan, including many Scots with significant army and pipe band experience. This era saw the beginning of many new pipe bands, and especially youth bands, in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina.

The Saskatoon Boys' Pipe Band
The Bonnie Bluebells Girls' Pipe Band
The Weyburn St. Andrews Pipe Band
The Weyburn Legion
The Sprigs o' Heather Girls' Pipe Band
[Moose Jaw]
The St. Andrews Society
[Moose Jaw]
ee below for The White Hackle
The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band [1965-1974]
The Fraser Pipe Band [1974-2011]
The Saskatoon Police
The 10th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
The Wa Wa Shrine Pipes & Drums
1970s and beyond

By the mid to late 1970s, many former youth members were looking for adult pipe bands, and many not looking for the military or police style "parade bands," but competition focussed groups. Many of these people had been influenced by instructors and other students at the Fort San Summer schools, and an understanding of the new trends in larger pipe band communities.

The White Hackle Pipe Band
[Moose Jaw]
Disbanded 2018.
See above for MJ St. Andrews Boys' Pipe Band

Estevan (Elks) PPCLI Army Cadet Corps
1971 -

The Green Braes Pipe Band
[Swift Current]

The Clan Scotia [1976-84]

Victoria Park Pipe Band [1976-2002]

The Clansmen  [late 1970s]
Strathfleet Pipe Band 
Saskatoon [1980s]
The Regina Scottish Pipe Band
The Regina Police Service Pipes & Drums
The 703 RCACC Pipes & Drums
The Celtic Fire Pipe Band 
The City of Regina Pipe Band
[1992 -  ]
The Yorkton & District Pipe Band

The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band


Summer School Photos

Starting in 1967, piping and drumming summer camps started having an immediate and long-lasting impact on soloists and pipe bands in the region. Players such as P-M Donald MacLeod, M.B.E., Pipe-Major John A. MacLellan, M.B.E., P-M Jimmy MacGregor, Colin MacLellan, Drum-Major Geordie Pryde, D-M John Kerr brought their significant knowledge and experience to bear on players locally.

Summer Schools at Fort San