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Duncan Fisher [1927-2017]

Duncan FisherDuncan Fisher was well-known in Saskatchewan both for his sports and piping excellence, and he died September 22, 2017, a few weeks past his 90th birthday.

Fisher was born in Regina and grew up in local pipe bands, playing with the Regina Signals, the 10th Field Regiment and latterly the WaWa Shrine Pipes & Drums. Fisher was a keen piper, and acted as tutor, mentor and organizer. He taught young pipers at the Fraser Pipe Band, and many adults as part of the 10th Field and Shrine bands.

He was the pipe major of the Shrine pipe band in Regina for 20 years, and he built the Shrine Pipe Band into the best unit of its kind in North America, winning the Imperial Championship [the North American championship for Shrine pipe bands] on two occasions, and winning the Midwest Championships [Canada and USA] 17 times, including one string of eight years in a row.

During his years with the Shrine, Fisher helped organize the Regina Highland Games, and used his influence in the community to build the event over several of years.

Fisher played a key role bringing together the University of Regina and the City of Regina Pipe Band to create The Conservatory of Performing Arts Pipe Band, which brought City of Regina’s junior pipe band into the Conservatory program.

Although he was not actively playing pipes in the last couple of years, he enjoyed tunes on the chanter until quite recently, and was often in attendance at piping events in the city.

Well-known also for his sports career, Fisher was inducted to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 as a hockey player, having been a player for the New York Rangers, the Boston Bruins, The Detroit Red Wings and the Hershey Bears. He remains the all-time leading scorer for the Hershey Bears, and was inducted into the Hershey Bears Hall of Fame in 2014. He held the AHL record for most game-winning goals in a season for 50 years until 2004.


 Duncan Fisher hockeycard
Dunc Fishers's hockey card. 
 dunc fisher 1
 Dunc at his parent's house in Regina. Uniform of the 12th Signals P&D.
dunc fisher 2 
12th Signals P&D on parade in Regina. 
 dunc fisher 3
P-Sgt. of the 10th Field Regiment, RCA. 
dunc fisher 4
Duncan [right] with his parents in front of their Regina home.
[large view]
dunc fisher 13
On parade in Regina with the 12th Signals. 1952
[large view]
dunc fisher 12
A gig in the park. 1952
dunc fisher 8
P-Sgt. 10th Field Regiment.
dunc fisher 6
P-M of Wa Wa Shrine Pipes & Drums.
dunc fisher 7
Likely the Travellers' Day Parade in Regina during Exhibition week.
dunc fisher 10
Dunc always gave freely of his talents in the community.
dunc fisher 9
Attending Piping Hot Summer Drummer piping school at Silver Star Mountain BC with his grandchildren.
dunc fisher 11
Dunc loved a tune on the pipes.